Welcome to the Disney Princess TV WikiEdit

This wiki will be a collaboratively-created resource on the Disney Princess franchise as it appears on the small screen. Search for your desired topics; if you cannot find what you desire, then consider adding to our information base by clicking the edit button at the top of any page!

About the Disney Princess TV WikiEdit

For most of its existence, the Disney Princess media franchise has been built around characters who do not actively interact with one another in their cannon theatrical motion pictures. Instead, the Disney princesses are associated with each other through the branding of ancillary merchandise such as children's clothing and toys. Of this ancillary merchandise, the Disney princesses interact with one-another in-story most directly in Disney television shows. This wiki is focused on the Disney Princess appearances where the princesses seemingly share a common universe or multiverse.

The main bulk of the Disney Princess TV Wiki will focus on the animated shows Sofia the First (2012) on Disney Junior, its sister show Elena of Avalor (2016), and the long-running, live-action Once Upon a Time (2011) on ABC. Information about Disney Princesses on House of Mouse (2001) is also relevant, as is the upcoming Tangled (2017) Disney Channel TV show.

This wiki is not exclusive to official Disney Princess franchise characters and pages may be made for TV shows (and other media) related to the subject more tangentially. For example, Kingdom Hearts (2002), although a video game rather than a TV show, is not out of bounds because the Disney Princess characters are shown to exist more directly together than the film cannon.

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